How to use

Our product is applicable in a wide variety of surfaces.

Both indoor and outdoor. without causing any damage on these.


The way to follow so that the product can achieve the desired effect

is the following:

Before the application of the product in the affected area, this must be cleaned with water only or water and ammonia, but never with bleach, because this can make the opposite effect and that the animal fence more the affected site.

In the beginning of the treatment, during the first month. The product to be applied twice per week, leaving a space of two or three days between application and implementation.

The pore of the surface on which we apply the product must be completely covered.

In order that the surface absorbs the product in an effective manner, in order that the effect of the product, lasts until your next application.

Starting with the first month of implementation, the time of application can be maintained or reduced to once a week depending on the area.

On metal surfaces such as street lamps or traffic signals, maintenance should be more newspaper, because it is less absorbent surfaces, unlike facades and other urban fixtures.

vital provides the opportunity to maintain a coexistence with our pets based on the cleaning of the shared environment between the people and the animals.

Any doubt about the application of the product contact us via e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible