Vital it is a spelling of voidings for dogs and cats, which has succeeded in effectively, isolate the zones of coexistence between human beings and their pets, of the urine and stools , bites or other damage that may cause these latest unconsciously since we are talking about pets.


Vital Product is focused both in the world of the products for animals and the cleaning products, since its implementation benefits to people with pet and those that do not but coexist with the of the neighbor.


Our product vital has managed to protrude above the like that can offer the competition. Making a series of advantages such as the following:


- In the first place, it should be noted that the low maintenance that we need to carry out during the treatment. Since as long as the competition dictates a use of your product of two daily applications, ours is more than enough with two weekly applications with an efficiency of one hundred percent.


- secondly, another of the points that are very favorable to our product, we find in its smell perfumed that makes the use of products of this kind more pleasant, if we have to use in a closed environment.


- Thirdly, another of the advantages that we find in our product vital, is the wide variety of locations and surfaces, in which the product may be applicable, without any problem since this leaves no residue.

As previously noted the variety of surfaces in the that is applicable is infinite. It can be applied both in areas of exterior and interior. While the competition is often offer some of the Interior and other external, the our covers both.


- Fourthly, and the most important advantage of our product is the ability to achieve all of this without causing any damage to the animals. As vital is a product neutral, totally harmless for our pets.


VITAL , is currently in the process of introduction in the market, but they use cleaning companies, and is sold in pet shops and cooperatives, which have succeeded in providing a better service to its clients, being these fully satisfied thanks to this innovative product. As we said in the beginning is not only a product for pets but also for cleaning.


If you are a cleaning company or you want to be part of our project by becoming a distributor of our product and brand VITAL, do not hesitate to register on our website where you will find exclusive prices and other promotions.